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SDMS Foundation Grants, Scholarships, and Programs

The SDMS Foundation is always interested in hearing about possible new exciting and innovating charitable programs. To suggest a new grant or scholarship program, please contact

Click here to download the complete 2015 SDMS Foundation Grants and Scholarships Program.


All grant, scholarship, and program applications must be completed and submitted online. Some, but not all, applications require attachment of documentation/proof of eligibility. The online applications cannot be submitted unless all required documentation has been attached to the online application before clicking the submit button.

Forms/Documentation You May Need

The preferred file format for the required documentation is in PDF format, but we will also accept TIF, JPG, or PNG graphic formats, if necessary. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the required documentation is in the appropriate format and is readable. Failure to submit proper documentation may result in the application being rejected.

How to Submit Required Documentation

General Instructions

  • Step 1. Download, print, and complete the required form (if applicable)
  • Step 2. Obtain the required signature (if applicable)
  • Step 3. Scan* the form and save the file to your computer (be sure to note the location on your computer)
  • Step 4. Go online to the applicable grant/scholarship application
  • Step 5. Click the “Browse” button to select the file from your computer
  • Step 6. Click the “Upload” button

*Many scanners, photocopiers, and multifunction printers can scan documents into a PDF file. If the applicant does not have a personal scanner or a copier/printer with scan functionality, they should check with their employer or school. Alternatively, local companies (e.g., FEDEX Kinkos, UPS Stores, etc.) may offer “scan-to-file” services. Note that each document should be saved as a separate file (i.e., attach each document separately in the appropriate place in the online application). DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED BY FAX/MAIL/EMAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


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